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About CETA

CETA Inc is a leading healthcare information technology company aiming to make a difference — for patients, medical professionals, organizations, and the broader healthcare community — through data driven innovation.

We are rigorous in our pursuit to discover, develop and deliver novel technologies that remove data silos by addressing the challenges healthcare organizations face with extracting unstructured, textual data and with unifying data across systems.






Our Commitment

Built by clinicians, data scientists and technology innovators, Xavier and Xtuitive are only the beginning of our long-term commitment to transforming healthcare through data.

Xavier is our artificial intelligence designed to mimic the human logic in reading, contextualizing, and acting on textual information.

Xtuitive, our data discovery platform, revolutionizes ontology management by creating a flexible metadata layer, allowing faster aggregation of data from across your organization.



Our Customers and Partners


November 20, 2015

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