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Apervita – CETA Inc. partner on predictive analytic tools

CETA’s mission is to meet the needs of patients. With over 90% of our staff having a clinical background, we feel it is our duty to actively lead the modernization of healthcare through the effective use and application of technology.

The Inpatient setting shows great potential for the use of predictive analytics to improve care delivery. Today’s hospital care teams need immediate access to real-time information if they are to remain competitive in the marketplace. However, the “volume, variation, and velocity” of the current data tsunami is more than the human brain can process without the aid of automated computation. Automated computations that include mathematical calculations, data processing and automated reasoning are commonly called “algorithms.” Algorithms can process thousands of data points per second, resulting in a far superior ability to answer questions related to patient care in real time. In the hospital, a patients status can change in minutes, and the ability to analyze data quickly and respond to that change, can be a matter of life and death.

Apervita is a health analytics “community” that allows researchers and clinicians to “author, publish, apply and subscribe” to evidence based algorithms that can be applied locally to an organizations patient data. CETA has partnered with Apervita to author and publish a suite of algorithms that identify CHF patients at high risk for hospital readmission. A dashboard compiles the results of readmission risk algorithms put forth by organizations such as Yale University and Get With the Guidelines as well as CHF specific thresholds for ECHO and lab results. Clinical teams can see which patients have the greatest need for discharge and transition planning, as well as tight coordination of care with the outpatient setting.

Come see a demo if you’re at HIMSS15 (Apervita Booth #3688), or email us if you’re interested in learning more.

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April 16, 2015

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