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Core Values

Our Manifesto

The age of uncertainty is over. We believe the future of healthcare belongs to those with a thirst for answers. To those willing to challenge assumptions and experience something groundbreaking, something life-changing. We believe courageous innovation inspires a sense of empowerment and hope. Through that inspiration, we will pioneer the elevation of the healthcare experience. We are CETA Inc.



We are committed to bringing positivity to others.
We build up others by acknowledging their wins and their work.
We enable others to achieve a better self.
We inspire others with your performance and your thirst for excellence.


We take action not make excuses.
We don’t put up walls, but instead, find a way around obstacles.
We ask “How?” before asking “Can we?”.
We see a problem as simply something that hasn’t been figured out yet.
We accept failure as part of the process to success.
We are comfortable with the uncomfortable.


We believe in constant improvement to stay successful.
We strive to accomplish amazing amounts of meaningful work.
We believe that nothing great ever happens without a great ambition.


We are eager to learn rapidly.
We are passionate about the success of CETA.
We are also passionate about your contribution to that success.


We do more with less.
We don’t fixate on problems, but instead, look for solutions.
We identify root causes to get beyond treating symptoms.
We smartly separate what must be done now from what can be improved later.
We think strategically, and can articulate what you are and are not trying to do.


We reconceptualize complex problems to discover practical solutions.
We create new ideas that are useful and keep CETA nimble by reducing complexity.
We take smart risks.


We believe the success of the team is more important than the success of the individual.
We will be a leader but are equally ready to be led, regardless of title.
We believe that while it takes only one person to fail, success requires a team effort.
We make time to help your colleagues.
We share information openly and proactively.
We are egoless when searching for the best solution.
We believe that our customers are more than just transactions but are longtime partners.


We listen well instead of just reacting fast.
We understand that the right thing, presented in the wrong way, is still wrong.
We treat people with respect regardless of their status or disagreement with you.
We value the relationships within CETA and with our clients.
We invest time to grow your professional network for the benefit of yourself and the company.

February 5, 2016

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