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Meet Xavier

The healthcare system generates hundreds of terabytes of unstructured textual data each year. Created by the collective observation and intelligence of your staff, textual data is a valuable source of high quality information, but it is not in a format for easily extraction.

Meet Xavier, a unique artificial intelligence designed to mirror your human logic when reading text and making a decision based on the information found.

Xavier can evolve into any kind of tool to replicate the process you currently do with text data. Here are some ways our costumers have used XAVIER.


Smart Filing Assistant

This is not another do-it-yourself filing software. Xavier does-it-for you.

Our artificial intelligence platform takes everything you throw at it – PDF’s, image documents, digital text – and automatically files them the way you want.

Don’t waste time with endless manual tagging, labeling, or refiling. Xavier learns the way you want to file. Whether it’s a new type of document, a different layout or more records – Xavier effortlessly adapts to changes.

It’s as easy as that. Actually, it’s incredibly complicated, but Xavier figures it out so you don’t have to!

Master Record Indexer

Unlinked and duplicate patient records makes data analysis difficult.

Xavier finds and compares data in every patient record, then presents evidence for whether certain records should be linked or separated. Xavier will even detect subtle changes to individual patient demographics as your databases grow (e.g change in name, address, addition of a ID number), and automatically adjust its analysis to maximum record-matching accuracy.

It feels like magic, but it isn’t. Xavier analyzes your data content, then automates the thousands of calculations like our brain’s neural network to dynamically figure out which records match.

The result? Your patient databases, organized in minutes.


November 20, 2015

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